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Say hello to Greetings, the adorable AI flower you'll come to know and love!

If there's one thing they're known for other than their utter friendliness and courteous nature, it's that they love to sing! Just open up this application to hear your new buddy sing along to some upbeat tunes!

Note: This is the trial version of Greetings, and will only be free for seven days. Like Greetings a lot? Stick around to hear a special offer from them!

Samples that were used (or even inspired some songs) include Herbert Howells' "A Spotless Rose" and Olivier Messaien's "O Sacrum Convivium".

GameBanana link: https://gamebanana.com/mods/402288

Special thanks to:

CheeseWithCake- Force Middlescroll LUA

Saltyboii- Auto-Restart LUA

ExpungedGaming6969- Crash Event LUA

pbulutbuba- Bouncy Icons LUA

Losky and his server for helping me when I was confused with stuff with was kinda frequent


GREETINGS 1.1.zip 256 MB

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